Dismantling the Culture of Contempt and standing up as a citizen activist are powerful ideas.

But ideas don’t change the world. Actions do.

And yet let’s face it, the world looks pretty scary out there. We hear every day that so-and-so got taken out on the internet for saying the wrong thing. People’s lives and livelihoods are trashed in an instant. That’s enough to make us all stay home.

But not you. You might be scared. You might be afraid of doing the wrong thing. But you know we can’t let that get in our way.

Not anymore. The stakes are too high.

Community Conversations

Here’s where I propose we start—

Let’s get together a couple times a year for a conversation centered on citizen activism.

This is not your typical, frenetic, shout-from-the-sidelines internet conversation.

It will be deliberate, curated, and deep.

We’ll dive into big topics without hesitation or reservation⁠—

Where you are with your participation in the Culture of Contempt, where you get stuck in your Citizen Activism, and what actions make sense for you.

There are no prerequisites for joining a Community Conversation, other than being on this list.

Come as you are, with your thoughts, questions, and ideas, and we’ll relate.


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Community Dinners

So you’ve been to a Community Conversation and you’re intrigued…

Maybe you’re imagining what our society might look like if it weren’t defined by the Culture of Contempt.

Maybe you’re just curious about what it would look like to be a Citizen Activist.

If you’re ready to go deeper, a dinner might be for you.

A couple times a year we extend our virtual conversations into real life in the form of an invitation-only, 8 to 12-person dinner.

As we dine, we’ll talk about your relationship to the Culture of Contempt, and what you want to do what that. Real-life situations. Real-life actions. Real-life consequences. Real-life opportunities.

It is not for the faint of heart. But then, neither is being a citizen activist.

If you’re interested in attending a dinner, you need to attend a Community Conversation first. This will give you a good sense of the kinds of things we’ll be talking about with each other, as well as a common vocabulary and baseline understanding of our dinner topics.

After you take part in a Community Conversation, I’ll let you know how to join us for a dinner.

Dinners are currently offered in San Diego; I have plans to expand up and down the West Coast shortly.