About Dr. Jenn McCabe

You know something has
to change.

You look around and think,
“How did we get here?”

You see our society stuck in patterns of fighting and blaming, distancing and scapegoating. You see our sense of community eroding, insulating us more and more from the moral consequences of our actions.

And you know it has to stop.

You want to make the world a better place—whether that’s by assuming a deeper responsibility for your corner of the world as a Citizen Activist, or by using your organization to make a difference in the world as a Maverick Leader.

But you’re afraid.

Afraid to get it wrong. To stick up for something and get targeted for it.

Even worse, to step in with good intentions and end up doing more harm than good.

You’re afraid that whatever actions you take will either be insufficient or demand so much of you that you’ll break.

There is another option:

you can choose sovereignty

Sovereignty is not about exerting power over another person.

It’s your integrity, commitment, and character, that glorious intersection of This is what I’m here to do and Here’s what I intend to create in the world.

Everyone does it differently, because your sovereignty is your sovereignty. It’s the power to create the world you want, unconstrained by fear.

It can look like rising up to advocate for your child in the face of authority.
It can look like stepping up to seek justice for a neighborhood.
It can look like standing your ground in front of those you lead without dehumanizing those you oppose.

It always looks like Citizen Activists and Maverick Leaders changing their own status quo thinking to change the world, for the better.

About Dr. Jenn McCabe

We can stand in sovereignty.

Even now. Especially now.

I know this because I’ve seen and made it happen in settings ranging from hospitals to hurricane shelters.

Over the course of my career, I’ve served as a nurse, administrator, project director, researcher, member of the military, and leader in organizations big and small.

I’ve investigated decision-making in high-stakes situations (from union negotiations to contentious policy debates), created a shared governance model for a healthcare system, conducted a five-state study of women’s political participation in swing states, served as a combat medic in the Army Reserves, and worked as a nurse both in hospitals and in extraordinarily difficult circumstances, including on the ground in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.

What’s more, through my work with Lead.Gather.Relate., I’ve facilitated dozens of people making the leap from crowdsourcing their integrity to contributing their unique gifts.

From seeing difference as something to be avoided to embracing it as an essential ingredient in relating to others and building true community.

From anchoring leadership in existing circumstances to leading as a World Maker.

In each of these situations, I’ve seen how people fall prey to the mythology of difference, the trap of opposition, and the problem of sovereignty—and what happens when they step out of the Culture of Contempt and make the third choice.

About Dr. Jenn McCabe and Lead Gather Relate

The third choice, the one that only you can make.

Whether you’re here to embrace a deeper responsibility as a Citizen Activist or make a difference in the world responsibly as a Maverick Leader, I can’t wait to see you stand in sovereignty and make the world better without apology.

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